Brent Fogt

Region: West


City / State: HOUSTON, TX

I draw extravagant forms that, from a distance, resemble islands, continents or microscopic organisms. Within these forms are waves, explosions and paisleys. Closer still, the drawings contain thousands of circles of varying size and line weight. I use circles because they allow multiple interpretations ranging from the microscopic to the cosmic.

The process of drawing is endlessly fascinating for me. Working with the most basic materials-ink and paper-I follow a series of self-imposed rules. The rules give me a place to start. They limit the universe of possibilities and challenge me to invent new solutions to the problems I have posed. Because of the small size of the marks, the drawings evolve slowly, leaving time for making adjustments and adapting to what is already on the page. My work allows for a great deal of play, improvisation and invention. For me, process is as important as the final product.