Brendan Monroe

Gallery Affiliations: Richard Heller Gallery, Galerie L.J., Cooper Cole Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast

I’m interested in neurology, physics, quantum mechanics, and how these disciplines can inform us about the fundamentals behind our daily lives. For example, the way a person breathes air, transfers it to the blood, which pumps oxygen to the brain that then fires autonomic neurons to make the lungs breath in more air. Consideration of perspective and proportion are also important, like how our speck of a planet exists with the sun in one tiny band of the Milky Way. We are made of carbon, water and a few other elements, that were once fused from hydrogen in a star billions of years ago. My work is an exploration and questioning of our placement in the universe and our constitutional makeup. In this series, I took the recent Kepler planet findings as my jumping point for speculation of landscapes other than those found on Earth.