Brandon Thompson

Region: West

 My practice consists of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional. I produce acrylic and oil paintings, as well as clay sculptures. My work is inspired by the neighborhoods and culture I grew up in, that being the Cedar Hill and the South Dallas County area, and the lifestyles of those neighborhoods. I take references from the fashion and hairstyles, slang, music, heroes, and everyday events, then reimagine them into colorful paintings and sculptures. Some of my references come from biblical stories, inside jokes, and African American history and literature. My goal is to create visual stories from my perspective in a way that can be identified by those within my culture. Also to change the negative connotation that may be associated by some people that see the culture (slang, sagging pants, rap music) from the outside. Through these artworks I want to create realistic and surrealistic imagery to show the feeling of belonging and not belonging. I want to show a more playful side of African American males that is not normally portrayed by the media, by creating, colorful fun paintings.