Bradley McCrary

Region: Northeast


City / State: Wiscasset, ME

In my work I most often look to Mariah Carey, Céline Dion, figure skating, and the romantic landscapes of the nineteenth century. I collect and collage images of these and other subjects to create dramatic scenes with new, personal narratives. For example, I might take (and have taken) an image of Mariah Carey performing a whistle note, her hand to her ear, and transform her into a man, nude, copying her pose while dancing like a figure skater before an erupting volcano.

Through layers of acrylic paint and wax crayon, I craft a world steeped in the aesthetic history of romanticism. It is a world where my figures can exist openly, a ritualistic place to go and be free. I see this as more than a formal pictorial invention, but as places to empower queer narratives in the history of painting figures in landscape.