Bradley Biancardi

Region: Midwest


City / State: Brooklyn , NY

I am interested in intimate pictorial spaces, how they are affected by the figures they contain, and how we as viewers can feel physically and emotionally projected into them. I compose figures that are nearly life-size because I find this scale to be direct and relatable. The titles are important and can offer a clue to the narratives, which sometimes reference art-historical allegory and can emphasize an inherent absurdity. The narratives speak of a sense of awkwardness and ritual, illustrated as a dramatically staged event in which humor, seriousness, and strangeness are in balance.

Though my paintings become very abstract at times, there is always a figurative element present to ground them. I paint from my imagination, and the elements in my narratives manifest as more or less abstract, depending on the particular painting. The imagery ranges from illustrative to realistic, and from observational to symbolic. In all of my work, the act of drawing is the most essential element . . . definitely, drawing.