Bradley Biancardi

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn , NY

Working primarily in painting, drawing, and printmaking, I compose figuration-based images with theatrical narratives that concern human relationships, interactions of bodies in space (both physical and psychological), and the inherent awkwardness of communication. I love stories and admire storytellers, so I strive to build an intriguing and readable visual story while maintaining an element of ambiguity regarding the subject matter. I try to create a balance between humor, seriousness, and strangeness, and intend for my narratives to speak of a sense of ritual, illustrated as a staged event. Some issues with which I am currently concerned: absurdity within our contemporary culture; deskilling as a result of a dependence on technology; baseball; the inevitable collapse of cultures and political structures; habit; vice and vulnerability; the evolving definition of masculinity in relation to feminism and contemporary culture. In all my work, the act of drawing is the most essential element.