Brad Nelson

Region: Northeast


City / State: Falmouth, MA

I paint in my living room now. My daughters roam through to ask questions or because they are hungry or because I am painting an object they want back. My decision to seamlessly intertwine my painting with my life emphasizes their interconnectedness. I’m interested in exploring how a daily ritual or rhythm can bring me things that are at times outside my sphere of control and yet can also be the driving force behind what I choose to make. I find my subject matter in what comes to me serendipitously: the cardboard packaging from a yogurt maker, bed-linen packaging, or an old clip-top storage container that used to store hand-medown shoes for our youngest daughter. Still-life painting is a perfect fit since its history is irrevocably tied to the portrayal of the less important wares of domestic life. I choose to examine the ubiquity, design elegance, and unintentionality of the ephemera that deliver what’s important.