Boris Ostrerov

Region: Midwest


City / State: Chicago, IL

My thoughts and artistic process tend to push materials and logic to their extremes, to the point where the material or the logic reaches a surprising and absurd conclusion. Stacking, gravity, and the confines or edges of the rectangle have been recurring themes in my work for several years. I think of substrates (and paintings in general) not just as windows but also as literal supports and pedestals for the paint. In some pieces, I use substrates referencing minimalist sculptures only as supports to be decorated with shit-shaped oil paint. I squeeze paint through cake-decorating bags because the process and resulting extrusions are direct and imply urgent libidinal energy, excretion, decoration, commodity, production, the body, and excess. I present a painting language that is very honest to the technique and process, but yields bizarre results. In the new body of work, I introduce painting with brushes and explore the piece as both a support and a window.