Boriana Kantcheva

Gallery Affiliations: NK Gallery

Region: Northeast

My work has always been about a varied cast of characters form hybrid shapes to fictional personages that exist somewhere between reality and imagination. As long as I can remember, creatures both terrifying and humorous have always been a part of my life. Monsters, ghost stories, horror movies and dreams have fascinated me since childhood. Some of these characters are an exaggerated reference to cellular structures, organisms and the body. Inspiration for these creatures comes from many diverse sources. Thanks to advances in biotechnologies we are allowed to see a complex and alien universe that was previously unseen. Other sources include mythologies, folklore, faire tales and sci-fi movies, for they are filled with hybrid creatures, shape shifters and monsters. Essentially, my work is a search for a visual representation of this world inhabited by illusive yet familiar characters that could be beautiful and appealing, comical and at times terrifying and repulsive.