Blayre Stiller

Gallery Affiliations: Cohn Drennan Contemporary

Region: West

My work is deeply influenced by my own relationship with the body. Careful renderings of imperfect bodies reflect my intimate anxieties and form the backbone of my artistic aesthetic. The figures are stand-ins for myself, implicit with expectations of beauty, adequacy, and self-acceptance. Gender themes reflect the personal disappointments in my own imperfections, shortcomings, and insecurities.

My work as an artist is informed by investigations of relationships between my subjects and their representation. My approach facilitates creation of multifaceted works that celebrate and study persistent nuances of an image. Communicative properties of the figure provide source imagery for my works. My investigations, however, extend and explore the obvious conclusions of sexuality, identity, self-doubt, and self-control, focusing also on abstract explorations of space, motion, gesture, and utterance as they relate to the visual form. Between the extremes of highly representational techniques and abstract approaches to image composition, the search for balance becomes a creative variable in itself.