Billy Hassell

Gallery Affiliations: Conduit Gallery, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Meredith Long & Company, Parchman Stremmel Galleries, Adair Margo Gallery, Bryant Gallery, Le Mieux Galleries, Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art

Region: West


My work is a symbolic and narrative response to nature and seeks a balance between realism and abstraction. I work primarily in oil paint, but I also produce original hand-pulled color lithographs and, when I travel, watercolors and pencil drawings. I develop ideas from the watercolors and drawings rather than from photographs in the paintings I produce in my studio. I have been influenced by Mexican and American folk art, nineteenth-century Japanese woodblock prints, and botanical studies.

Over the years, I have become increasingly concerned and involved with environmental issues and have received commissions from Audubon Texas and the Texas Nature Conservancy to produce color etchings and color lithographs featuring the flora and fauna of Texas that highlight the organizations’ conservation efforts around the state and the Gulf Coast. Many of my paintings feature birds. I see birds as both symbols and as measures of the relative wellbeing of the environment they occupy. The work, as a whole, represents a celebration of nature in all its fullness.