Bill A. Frazier

Region: West


 In these works, I use imagery from the landscape and the garden. Some of these images are more naturalistic, while some are abstracted or represented schematically. When these elements are combined with other imagery, they create a sort of visual energy and a dialogue within the frame. The discussion here is about the kinds of imagery, their historical or stylistic referent, and by extension, cultural references to nature and the garden. We cover the walls in our living spaces with stylized garden scenes on wallpaper, bring in flowers, and hang photographs or paintings of landscapes on our walls. These things are references to what’s outside the window, around the corner in an urban garden, or seen during a drive through the countryside. For many of us, nature exists as an idea or a memory, not a daily experience. The combination of these various stylistic, historical, and personal references allows an almost limitless opportunity to manipulate formal elements in a way that can be visually engaging and suggest a sense of place.