Biff Bolen

Region: West


City / State: marfa, TX

The beauty of art for its own sake is that it functions like the scientific knowledge for its own sake. The search for form and the interrogation of aesthetics reveal important truths about our experience as human beings. The importance of this is that seemingly random choices can dramatically change the outcome of the work. In genetics, we think of randomness as essential to the evolution of a species, and I would suggest that there is a natural selection going on too in the evolution of aesthetics that leads to greater and greater complexity. One should only be making as much sense in a painting as one can undo in the same place. It is my belief that the only painting worth making is the kind that avoids rationalization. A painting should be like a person. It should be comic, or violent, or whatever, but never predictable or logical. My paintings are meant to discomfort first, and then to be assimilated, like a bad standup comic, or extremely spicy food. Start with agitation, then make a sandwich.