Bethany Gouldin

Region: West


City / State: San Francisco, CA

My work is shaped by a strong interest in Japanese culture and aesthetics. I am drawn to the repetitive geometric patterns found within Japanese origami, architecture, and design. These elements manifest a form of balance and tranquility that I seek in my personal life. I have a strong background in chemistry, so experimentation and documentation are vital parts of my creative process. The fluidity of watercolor mirrors the ebb and flow of my artistic research. I oscillate between extremes, ever seeking to balance them. The dramatic shifts in scale, color palettes, transitions from representational imagery to faceted abstractions and back are evidence of my exploration artistically and within myself. The act of painting is to embrace contrary natures, imperfections, beauty and form, and resolve them with each other. Consecutive trips to Japan have facilitated a sustainable dialogue between a Western artist and Eastern principles, ideas, and imagery. My work, indeed my entire life, is a study in contrasts, seeking equilibrium and harmony through them.