Bethany Czarnecki

Region: Northeast

 Bethany Czarnecki creates abstract paintings which project an illusionistic sense of place, but also explore the paradoxes and complexities of the female body and its representation. Her swirling compositions investigate themes of gender, identity, the human psyche, and sensuality. Working slowly with oil paint, Czarnecki carves out multiple layers of concentric, biomorphic shapes that radiate chromatic planes. Ranging from opaque color fields to translucent overlays, nested silhouettes bend and bloom as they foster complex relationships within each composition. The artist’s use of repetitive forms signifies a distortion of time and place that alludes to dreamscapes, while color becomes a carrier of emotion that ultimately reveals the unseen. Inspired by the interplay between sensory experience and emotional resonance, Czarnecki’s paintings invite the viewer to contemplate that which lies beyond the self.