Bernard Williams

Gallery Affiliations: Thomas McCormick Gallery, Slate Gallery, G.R. N'Namdi Gallery

Region: Midwest

We all need protection. Full body gear, or sometimes just headgear. You've got to cover up to survive the attack of words, thoughts, ideas, lovers, haters, needs, wants, and all manner of advertising, and technological stuff. It's all aimed at us. The aim was dead on with MLK and JKF. They were wanted passionately. Did they really want Bin Laden? They always get who they really want. The aim is dead on. I have to drive on though. Keep the pedal to the floor in the IROCZ. In my area, gangsta bullets fly. And these muthafuckers can't shoot straight. Kids die. I guess they don't get any shooting lessons. They want to beat on you. It's a funny story, but it's not stupid. The tea was poisoned with a radioactive substance. Didn't see it coming did you? Blindsided. You didn't have the armor on, stupid. We need it. Some need more than others, and some don't have near enough. Others are lost, soon to be casualties. Catch that flight between London and Moscow, then come back to Chicago for the motive...weighted with street weight. Press conference in Moscow with sensational statements made. I got the threat in 2004. Grow up and the office will take care of you. You will become a citizen if you can handle the imperial grip. We will take you in after it's all done. Bring the spray paint with you or some paper and glue. We can still hit'em with what we got. The campaign will continue. The channels are many. The fences have holes, and darkness is our friend.