Benjamin Frederick

Region: Midwest


City / State: Dayton, OH

I try to find ways to emphasize the pattern of shapes in my paintings. I start with a visual experience in the form of a memory, drawing, or photograph. The ways that marks, colors, and shapes relate to each other interest me and guide my decisions while painting. It is more important that these elements work together than that they convey a clear description of something. In some of my paintings, the depiction of figures works as a pattern that hints at the way pattern correlates with the structure of a painting. I am drawn to the potential of this structure.

Recently, I was considering the flux of disorder and rearrangement of cars at a traffic light as it relates to the idea of possible combinations. I am fascinated by how the unknown intentions of the drivers have effected the resulting arrangement of vehicles. In a similar way, my initial motivations become buried but at each step inform the creation of a particular mood, movement, or excitement that I discover through my process.