Benjamin Britton

Region: South


City / State: Athens, GA

I make paintings that foreground an experience of the senses, in which moments of adventure and wonder are privileged over other moments.

My work appears at first to function like dense and colorful abstract painting, but it contains representations of nameable things and recognizable spaces. Many of the marks or gestures applied to the surface are amended in some way: elaborated on, bedazzled, or made illusionistic. As I paint, I’m looking for the identity of these structures to fluctuate, as they become temporary guides or markers for traveling through the picture.

The convoluted but navigable spaces in my paintings are an allegory for the virtues and blind corners of a romantic relationship between culture and nature. In this intercourse, conditions are constantly shifting. The best we can do is negotiate very complex scenarios, traversing back and forth toward one marker or another, with no true star to follow, but only desire, hope, and adaptation.