Bart Vargas

Gallery Affiliations: Richard J. Demato, Anderson O'Brien Fine Art

Region: West


City / State: Omaha, NE

The human drive to produce images is intrinsically magical and spiritual in nature. Space is the infinite deity in which I create, populated by characters hiding and sleeping and residing in sub-folders of me. Perhaps the subconscious is connected to something larger. The imaginative powers of that world, its creation or re-creation of endless places with infinite detail, is remarkable. Are dreams composed of elements from my past, recombined as hybrids? In them I see, speak with, love, and battle old friends, animals, and monsters.

My paintings are realized as their various points of origin combine like long experience coagulating in a dream. Their narrative is both literary and technical as depicted human activity and design interact with the specifics of the formal and material. In their limitations, they demand attention, imagination, energy, and offer a rich field for visual experience and interpretative creativity.