Babette Martino

Region: Northeast

I paint my environment, primarily town scenes. Design is paramount where the power of rhythmic architectural masses work against one another, (E. Sozanski Feb. 13 '83 Phila. Inq.) I derive pleasure from painting dormant trees. Their serpentine shapes develop the basic movement in & around my compositions.

Since 1989 I have been interested in the depiction of light in my work. A bleak eerie atmosphere permeates these subjects. Early morning light is portrayed on the horizon & progressively changes to midday in the foreground with extended shadows. This creates an eccentric use of lights & shadows. I call the light element in my paintings extended light - for lack of a better term. Time is prolonged, sustained, continued or perpetual.

I paint small oil paintings (in my car) on-the-spot without the aid of a camera. I return to the same subject until the painting is completed. If I enlarge the piece I call it a "Study for:". Textures are relatively nonexistent.