Aviv Benn

Region: Midwest

City / State: Chicago, IL

My paintings exist in the space between humor and tragedy. Using expressive, immediate, and comical painting language, I capture my feelings and reactions toward life in our current era—an age of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.

I paint a weighty topic in an exaggerated and ironic way, and with this juxtaposition I create a distance that enables viewers to reflect on their own state of being.

You find yourself in a waking dream, floating in limbo, surrounded by screaming faces and monstrous beings. Who are those figures? They are reflections of our time, an era characterized by a sense of detachment and horror that fluctuates from the personal to the public and vice versa.

The imagery relates to the body and its many intricacies, passions, and agonies. The painting becomes a body in itself, echoing the physicality of the viewer; large-scale paintings are pools of organs and faces the viewer can drown in. Small-scale paintings operate as direct reflections of the viewer, meeting them at eye level to exchange a gaze.