Aubrey Ingmar Manson

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Los Angeles, CA

 What is this mess? How do I clean up this mess? Should I clean up the mess?! And then there are so many of them . . .

Creating artwork is much like playing for me. It is how I still play as an adult facilitating growth and understanding, particularly when digesting the greater outside world. It also provides a sense of comfort with the sculptural paintings formed in shapes similar to pillows, mattresses, or bodies. Within them, I construct fictional narratives, each piece somewhat humorous in an attempt to make light of the serious situations they are reenacting. Underlying them is a personal commentary on current systemic issues within society, from feminist political struggles to wealth inequality and anti-capitalist theory.

The materiality of the pieces, composed of mostly accessible or found materials, diverges from standard commodifiable art objects. There is the question of how long the artwork will last or whether it can enter an art market. I think the work then primarily exists to make a statement, describing its moment in time.