Ashley Rowland

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: Cleveland, OH

Nothing on the surface is what is seems to be. Revealing and masking portions of ourselves is a method of social survival, and this strategy is at the core of my work. My work also emphasizes the tactile quality of paint. I use discarded latex paint that I form into skins as a way to redeem their value.

My work developed its foundation in the tradition of painting. It has now moved into sculpture while still using the language of painting, but without the traditional use of paint. I enjoy walking and blurring the lines between artistic genres. I capitalize on calling attention to the difference between materials in each layer and the distortion of depth of field.

I maintain an open approach to creative exploration, giving myself agency to mix and remix materials, themes, and content. Being a process-driven artist, I view my creative practice as scientific experimentation. Exercising the right balance of control and variables permits a visual tension in my work between what is seen and unseen.