Arianne Wack

Region: Northeast

 My work is an exploration of a specific kind of beauty that exists at the intersection of the natural and the artificial. I am interested in how the two collide in visually, culturally, and at times politically striking ways. Many of us may expect to find moments of awe in traditionally ‘beautiful’ scenes or subjects of a landscape painting, but perhaps that anticipation prevents us from experiencing genuine awe in our own scenes of daily life. Capitalism and consumer culture dictate much of the world around us—often more so than the natural world. Slowing down to take in the collision or juxtaposition of them can provide a new way of experiencing—or expecting to experience—beauty. The aim in all my work is to tap into the physiological and psychological dimensions of sight—how we interpret a scene’s beauty, violence, or mundanity informs how we move through the world, and indeed, how we choose to treat ourselves and each other.