Ari Salka

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Los Angeles, CA

 I paint self-portraits of my trans body, representing current and past selves. I transcend a singular experience into cycles of selfrepresentation. In painting these bodies, I explore a sense of freedom by creating a personal iconography. My imagery depicts bodies constantly shifting, through rebirths, enmeshments, while also differentiating themselves from one another. Ghosts from the past emerge from earthly forms, signifying dysphoric rebirth and resurrection. The presence of sutures binds fragility and strength. The self is oftentimes lost in translation, shifting in and out of differentiation from oneself to another version of self. I combine a multiplicity of portraits, which allows me to deconstruct and discover new depictions of the self and others. Through repetition, expansiveness, and reclusiveness, my work conflates distinctions between celebration and dismay.