Anya Kotler

Region: Northeast


City / State: Weehawken, NJ

 My work absorbs into itself both figuration and abstraction, clarity and ambiguity, flatness and sculpture. Each piece develops intuitively from some aspect of experience that is repeatedly on my mind—an essential unease, a memory I am attempting to come to grips with, a question I’m struggling with, or a concept that I am unable to define. I dive into the work by building up what I know about the piece, experimenting with materials, and trusting a loose vision, fragments of thoughts, or a sense of how matter, shapes, colors, or textures may interact. I try to listen to the work and see where it takes me, which feels very much like playing—a way for me to think out loud.

The work usually wants to possess some space of ambiguity, a sense of not having certainty about how the image is supposed to be understood. I want to provide the viewer with freedom of interpretation, and a space to impose their own visceral logic, associations, and meanings upon the work.