Anthony Vega

Gallery Affiliations: LGTripp Gallery

Region: Northeast


City / State: Wyndmoor, PA

My work is an exploration of my current relationship to technology, information, media and image. The investigation of our visual landscape, through media; Internet, Print, TV, filled with virtual and augmented images, advertising and other pervasive forms of looking, leads to a clutter of images impacting our visual experience. Through these outlets, visual experience is flattened and homogenized and the permutations of seemingly disparate images become overlooked. I look to my practice of painting as a metaphor of the current condition of images. My work, through scale, mark, material and color pushes to use and challenge these conditions. The square surface as democratic window to the virtual, the obscured yet eventually revealed image of icons, text and advertising all lead to a use, abuse and investigation of the idea of image in visual culture. The traditional medium of painting allows me to explore the virtual while making a real object, hopefully, inviting the viewer to question and investigate their visual landscape in new ways.