Annie May Johnston

Region: MFA Annual

In my most recent work, I re-create the interior of my studio apartment in Austin through the use of color and pattern. Space is compressed, layered, and abstracted through skewed perspective, pattern, collage, and layering.

The work leans heavily toward maximalism, a way of making that can question the distinction between form and space as well as the logic of construction. I strive to create a feeling of alienation in the space, a sense of being overwhelmed though not confused.

Time is an important aspect within my layers. Does a moment that is covered become less important or more important? The layered paintings ask to be considered as a whole piece, and as separate moments. Perhaps the mundane items in the paintings are not entirely inert. I like to think that there is the suggestion of a space in flux: a partially opened door is a portal for ingress or egress, humans are absent but their activities are present in a pulled-out chair.