Annie Lapin

Gallery Affiliations: Honor Fraser

Region: Pacific Coast


I see my work as an expression of the seduction of chaos as it verges on order; the tantalizing nature of the unknown that teeters on the understood. Paintings have a way of elevating meaning and creating connections. As I encounter this force with each canvas, I find myself compelled to push my paintings toward disintegration into their constituents—stroke, color and surface—before allowing them to snap back toward an unexpected aesthetic logic or message. The canvas becomes a demolition site where brush strokes explode or interrupt figuration, decomposing imagery into seemingly haphazard strokes, only to re-emerge as something nearly familiar—a face, a gesture, a place, a sign.

Throughout this process of breaking down, I am interested in the way the random becomes beautiful, the way the chaotic takes on deep meaning; the ways unexplained narratives hint at resolution. I feel I am successful when a painting arrives at a concrete sense of uncertainty while holding out some promise of truth.