Annie Ewaskio

Region: MFA Annual

My images explore strange journeys through a mythical alter ego of the United States, which hosts characters we recognize alongside invented spirits: arctic foxes, SnoCats, Jabba the Hut relatives, ghosts, and abstract marks. I am fascinated by the world we inhabit, saturated with inventions built to reap benefits that will ultimately confront an era of real, fast change. The arena in my paintings takes off from that trajectory and operates under different rules. In the vibrating contrast between wild earth and the built landscape of the United States, I see an opportunity for posing future possibilities of folksy narratives. The settings are reachable only in our imaginations, or the Internet—supernatural spaces, many of which have been completely altered either by material objects within them or by faraway activity. This kind of space reflects the world in which we now live—zones without limits of linear time, space, and logic.