Anna Buckner

Region: Midwest


City / State: Lansing, MI

Liminality is soft. It is malleable, compliant, acquiescent, and supple. At its worst, it is impressionable, submissive, gullible, and feeble. At its best, it yields empathy and patience. I find strength in liminality—in vulnerability.

My work explores vulnerability through materials. Soft, it exists somewhere between piecework and painting. I select stretchy fabrics that have a high potential for change when they are pulled over a support. In their elasticity, materials such as Spandex and knits reference skin, and pulling these fabrics over a support causes them to swell like the body. I piece the fabric scraps together, forming a quilt top that is then stretched on a support. The initial design of the piecework is compromised through stretching, causing the material to warp. The support of the painting is therefore a tool for transformation, revealing the potential of the materials and pushing them into roles for which they are not traditionally used.

The balance of existing in a liminal state is precarious. This unpredictability creates space for transformation, encouraging growth and expansion.