Anna Bogatin

Region: Northeast

City / State: Philadelphia, PA

Through my work I explore the ideas of beauty, order, and harmony that exist within nature as well as the eternal human longing for freedom and happiness. Buddhism and the aesthetic philosophy Wabi Sabi, which focuses on the transient and intimate beauty found in nature and esteems the purity of natural imperfection, have been an important influence for me.

In form and content my work follows in the footsteps of postwar American painters such as Agnes Martin, Barnett Newman, and Mark Tobey. Like them, I am concerned with the spiritual and the unconscious in art and the expression of idealistic and emotional subject matter through abstraction.

Working with the most basic elements—dots and lines—I have developed a personal vocabulary to create an experience that is universally familiar, pleasurable, and empowering. Each line is an experience. Each dot is an event.