Ann Marie Nafziger

Gallery Affiliations: Mark Woolley

Region: West

I'm interested in our relationship with the natural world and explore this in my paintings. I feel simultaneously disconnected yet innately familiar with landscape, removed physically while visually and intellectually concerned and engaged with ideas of nature and the environment. I'm particularly interested in dramatic, yet overlooked everyday visual phenomena; alternative, non-Western or utopian philosophies relating to ideas of humanity and nature; predictions of catastrophic events linked to human impact on the earth; mass-media coverage of both natural and man-made disasters; our mobile nature and the global scale at which, without a thought, we operate daily; and nostalgia or memory in terms of place. I try to invent landscapes that embody the beauty or sublimity of the natural in combination with evidence of the human physical and psychological footprint in effort to instigate a heightened awareness of the world at large.