Angelina Gualdoni

Region: Northeast

My paintings suggest interiors and still-life tableaux; they deconstruct space and create tension out of repetition and flux. I begin each painting by pouring a stained ground onto raw canvas. In subsequent layers, I isolate and support imagery with patterns that weave throughout the picture plane, lending structure to the diaphanous ground washes of color and light. The middle ground functions as a mask, window, or portal through which the viewer sees. Vases, potted plants, window screens, and shadows oscillate between background and foreground, while stains overtake preestablished forms, transgress borders, and overrun patterns.

I am interested in the pour as a metaphor for the body, but also for the general fluidity and plurality of modes of labor, work, or roles that one might assume in different contexts. By challenging stable figure-ground relationships of the compositions, I imply a fluidity within traditional gender roles, and resist the assumption that the feminine can be collapsed into the domestic.