Andy Kolar

Region: Pacific Coast

My work is intentionally positioned between representation and abstraction, a place where the simplified shapes are approaching abstraction but also maintain a legible reference. By reinterpreting various types of visual information, from images to actual physical objects, I suggest a seemingly reductive situation where expectations of formal balance and aesthetics are contradicted.

The works involve a subversion of predictable continuity by utilizing abstracted forms and an implied minimalist formal language. This subversion allows the work to possess an idiosyncratic balance. The visual elements are adjusted so they have the appearance of being shoved aside, ground together, or slipped apart resulting in the shapes having to negotiate their own positions within the compositions. Tension is created by the slippage between the hand-drawn and the hard-edged "sliver" form, which appears in the composition in attempt to make the viewer look closer at the subtleties of the work.