Andrew Taylor

Region: South

City / State: Washington, DC

Meandering line, color and its potential for surprise, repetition, figure and ground—these are the grammar and syntax that guide me. The direction of my paintings is created through a process of action and reaction, intention and accident, intuition and thought, the push and pull between presence and absence.

In a world saturated with images, I hope to create paintings that resonate emotionally and communicate beyond language.

I was born in India and lived most of my childhood there and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. I am a practicing architect with a degree in math, and have made ceramics for over a decade. Presumably, my eclectic background informs my work; folk art, popular culture, and art history provide inspiration and points of reference. My paintings merge disparate identities.

Just as a small child might experiment with paint, for me painting is a form of play, an open-ended and experimental activity in which possibilities expand rather than contract.