Andrew Sendor

Gallery Affiliations: Richard Heller Gallery

Region: Northeast

The motivation behind this recent body of work is characterized by an interest in how ideas and images are mediated through the language of painting. What type of resonance certain imagery will carry depending on the manner and context in which it is presented is central to these most recent paintings. There are varying levels of realism portrayed within each painting, where several different technical solutions are utilized to visually translate a given person, object, space or scene.

While there are many facets to this project in both form and content, some issues that are fundamental to this work are: how children might conceive of their own mortality, the character and presence of the human spirit and its significance in a possible afterlife, how morality is shaped considering the dynamics between the sacred and the profane, the present function of the museum setting, and not least the current role and expectations of painting—specifically representational painting.