Andrew Roberts-Gray

Region: West


City / State: Carbondale, CO

In the work titled Component Pieces, I use contrasting materials and processes to create nonobjective works that oscillate between sculpture and painting. I create discrete geometric elements from steel, linen, Dibond, cardboard, and papier-mâché, among other materials. Combinations are explored, proposed, and rejected. Components are moved around in my studio, placed haphazardly together, separated and re-partnered, forgotten about, and rediscovered. Through this approach I discover relationships between elements: recurring motifs/patterns, rhythms, and textures. Over time, common or contrasting elements form connections. I consider strategies for interacting with the viewer’s space. I apply sharp changes in texture and color by pairing diverse surfaces with unusual, improbable materials. In this practice, the spontaneous gesture is valued as highly as painstaking craftsmanship. As each work evolves, it gains an identity that eventually informs its resolution.