Andrew Leventis

Region: South

 My work draws on a tradition of realist painting techniques and collecting practices that have formed culture since the Renaissance. I use a meticulous technique to render objects and things that populate our world and through which we actualize our identities and relationships with other people, cultures, and times. I present figurative painting as a vital, contemporary art form. Rather than being an outmoded practice, my belief is that painting can demonstrate a dedication to detail as well as conceptual richness.

One aspect of my painting traces the history of humans exhibiting possession, ownership, and intimacy with one another through things, including necklaces, photos souvenirs, and other still-life memorabilia. The works present a dialectical relationship between painting and the contemporary photographic image. At times, the paintings are made from pictures that I have snapped of contemporary and historical collections, and at other times they are appropriated from film stills.