Andrew D. Moeller

Region: Northeast


City / State: Ridgewood, NY

I am currently using painting as a meditative process to reflect on mechanical/manufactured buildings that are actively part of my livelihood and culture. The end goal of my work is to generate exhibits depicting an architectural grid of shallow-spaced facades that lack specific authorship and location, but work together as one painting to create a contemplative experience.

I create my work using a process of manufacture similar to that of urban sprawl while also being reliant on community and friendship. Using amateur architectural skills and awareness, I piece together photographed parts of existing facades and then manipulate them into drawings that act as plans, using basic drafting tools. By emails, word of mouth, and distributing posters, I then ask for help from the community, by way of barter, to execute the initially overwhelming task of constructing my paintings brick by brick. Combining painterly and mechanical techniques my helpers and I work together to build surfaces that give the illusion of the facades themselves.