Andrew C. Rieder

Region: Midwest

Until the lions have their own scribes, history will always glorify the hunter.
—African proverb

Often it seems that truth in contemporary society and history is the message that is repeated at the highest volume and with the greatest frequency. Because of their enhanced privilege and superior authority, those with status control the definition of expected social identity, as they have the greatest influence and control over the volume, frequency and availability of information.

The layering that I use in my own work is intended to be indicative of the type of visual history that takes place on a surface treated with graffiti. My painting process involves a combination of oil paint and spray painted stencils. By covering the perceptually painted elements with the spray painted images, the oil painting takes on a new form based on the shape of the stencil. I repeat this process a number of times so that the stencil becomes a cookie-cutter and is analogous to a stereotype, which is endlessly repeated.