Andrea Limauro

Region: South


City / State: silver spring, MD

 My work is influenced by my personal experiences with civil wars and migration. My paintings bring attention to the effects of exploitation of people and the environment. Migration, civil strife, nationalistic mythologies, and climate change are the result of the pursuit of power by the few over the many. My role as an artist is to expose how these interconnected dynamics increase the power of oligarchies.

I am inspired by what I saw growing up in Italy in the 1980s and ‘90s. Anarchist and communist graffiti, posters, and propaganda wheat-pasted next to Roman ruins and art from the past that celebrated power, the patriarchy, class violence, and colonial expansion. My materials are a mix of the old and new, with gold and copper leaf side by side with screen printing, acrylic paint, markers, collage, and neon colors.