Andrea Ferrigno

Region: Midwest


City / State: Galesburg, IL

In my approach to image making, there is a symbiotic relationship between the intuitive and the analytic. Working with systems extracted from science and nature gives me an objective point of entry. Each piece is a variation of this approach: distilling drawing to its elementary parts and having a systematic working method allows me continual discovery and new challenges. I assert my free will. I move materials in space and time, leaving behind a material trace of my intention and the final image as evidence of discovery. My work is both esoteric and exoteric, reflecting on my experience as a living being, paired with scientific and philosophical attempts to understand existence. I think about how form comes into being through time. I think about the following assumed dichotomies: stillness and motion, matter and energy, experience and information, and their potential synergies. In this way, I think of myself as an explorer of existential terrains.