Anastasiya Tarasenko

Region: Northeast


City / State: new york, NY

 I like to think of what I do as social critique; it’s sharp, it’s biting, and it’s aimed at everyone. The images themselves, however, are often pastoral, convivial, and humorous in the way I compose them. This reflects the true dichotomy of existence, that we are all things at once, existing simultaneously with joy and pain, innocence and perversion. It is my self-appointed task as an artist to observe and report these inescapable truths, much in the same way a court jester is given special dispensation to mock his powerful patrons. But far from being an aloof observer, I’m probably hardest on myself. With the same harsh bite, I make self-portraits with words and images that sting me personally every day. In a sense, I want to show you, the viewers, that I am complicit too.