Amy Richardson

Region: Midwest

The work I create dislocates, mutates, splices, and recombines images from the natural world to form entirely new environments that exist beyond the boundaries of nature. I use a mixed media process which involves silk-screening, traced monotype, painting, drawing, and collage. Each of these techniques allows me to record and describe my interpretations of nature in a non-representational way. I abstract and often simplify forms in an attempt to depict, in a non-objective way, the most basic structures which comprise their essence. The paintings also depict transformation by allowing the viewer to consider how these new environments investigate space and form on the picture plane.

Forms, transformations, and environments within the work are created from planned ideas and intuitive considerations as the piece progresses. This flexibility within a framework allows for transformation to take place as the piece is being made and for multiple interpretations of the completed work. The environments can be understood as if viewed from several vantage points, such as frontal, aerial, microscopic, and macroscopic. The forms within these environments achieve numerous identities through abstraction and create an environment that changes our perception about the depth of interactions that may occur. My ultimate goal is that my work will challenge the viewer to question the different roles the forms play in each piece and how mutability and shifting perceptions allow these environments to transform and exist on multiple levels.