Amy Park

Region: Northeast

I love cities. Everywhere I look I see a painting. Moving through the city, I cast my eyes are upward at the structure of buildings, the repetitive patterns of the facades, the collage-like view that continually shifts and reassembles as I move by. In 1200’, my latest series, I have moved up and out, looking at New York as a whole—as a skyline—but emphasizing its abstract, collage-like nature. The idea of using images of the skyline for this project came from an airplane flight down the Hudson River past the Statue of Liberty. There is a “special use corridor” at an altitude of 1200 feet. I saw my city as I had never seen it before, and wanted to share the experience of my elevated and moving viewpoint. To capture the feeling of rapidly shifting perspective, not to render a straightforward image of the skyline. I love the challenge of making large watercolor paintings. Big panels and small, watery marks don’t naturally coincide, but they do create a dynamically dense cityscape.