Amy Green

Region: Pacific Coast

I’m an abstract painter engaged in a process with materials. I use readymade felt, urethane, and industrial pigments, which I work on simultaneously and build up into stacks. Experimentation and impulse are at the center of my studio practice. Multiple layers are recycled over time, covered over, cut, and restored. My process has the complexity of sifting through time, generating and regenerating a language that is alive today, yet carries whispers of past painting languages.

One thread in my work is the overlap between painting and sculptural surfaces. I soak and pour industrial materials onto the surface of fabrics and felt, acting in response to how the pigments push through the fibers and collect creases, folds, fissures, and textures. I often embed my paintings within the architecture, affixing them to ceilings, beams, doorways, and ledges, changing the viewer’s relationship to the objects and the environment.