Amy Casey

Region: Midwest


City / State: Cleveland, OH

Cities are fascinating creatures to me. The work and organization involved in a city’s creation and evolution, the constant shifting and adaption . . . I’ve been watching cities of sorts (some are perhaps just towns or hamlets, or even a block party) evolve in my paintings for some time now. My cities are shaped by everyday observations; cause and effect; a nonlinear narrative; composition and movement; sleep deprivation; and at times, a desire to see large groups work together toward making something bigger than themselves individually. Though my townsfolk have weathered difficult, perilous times, I am now trying to focus on growth (which is also frequently difficult). I am putting down roots in a landless landscape and moving forward. Nature has found its way back into the work, and I’m still discovering the role it plays and where this is all going. I am curious about the resilience of life, and our ability to keep going in the face of ever-shifting circumstances. My paintings celebrate this ability and my love of the urban landscape.