Amy Boone-McCreesh

Gallery Affiliations: Hamiltonian Gallery

Region: South


City / State: Baltimore, MD

I created this body of work on paper using my own past works as a visual vocabulary. Through collage and a variety of mixedmedia processes, the past elements combine with new compositions to create a visual experience that is both cyclical and unifying. Digital processes clash with the handmade in my effort to simultaneously reference myself and create a dynamic personal aesthetic. There is an awareness of power removed and gained when an image becomes divorced from its origin, and then changed beyond recognition. The recycled imagery appears in both a digital and physical way, leaving the viewer unaware of the source while at the same time producing a new visual language. The result is a temple to visual excess: a colorful, maximal experience. In my use of vinyl and wall painting I allude to the world beyond the picture plane and expand the visual environment.