Amber Heaton

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

Growing up in the Western United States, my sense of space was shaped by the rhythms of light and time visible in the natural. I learned to observe shifting states of balance and harmony from nature. For me, these states are spaces of freedom and democracy. Like Byzantine architecture and mandala drawings, my work lies in the tradition of creating spaces that embody the sensation of the sacred or mystical. In each artwork, I invite the viewer to seek tranquility and equality.

With influences from Euclidean diagrams to minimalism, I create colorful, geometric installations, paintings, mixed-media works, and prints. I construct patterns with a sense of vibration, establishing a physical relationship to the eye and the body. Using scale, abstraction, and repetition, I devise spatial relationships with psychological tension and release. These psychological spaces give me room to consider human interactions in a visual way, and my geometries become metaphors for those interactions. Compositionally, I want each work to come to a state of equilibrium, and to emanate a sense of calm and openness.