Amanda Rose Kachadoorian

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Chula Vista, CA

I use painting as a tool to create preexisting landscapes, before modern development, and surrealist plants that are inspired by botanicals from various ecosystems. Through organic shapes, vibrant colors, and dreamy landscapes I research and experiment with unique plant life as a new form of portraiture. The hybrid botanicals represent various cultures and their historical significance to create a symbolic ecosystem distinctive to each respective region. Each narrow 10-foot painting is representative of a micro-region of San Diego to tell a story of its history starting with the virgin landscape and its natural landmarks. With the question “How did the modern landscape we see today came to be?” I research various points of history from the indigenous Kumeyaay tribe to Spanish colonialism, California annexation, the impacts of World War II, and so forth. This project speaks to the integration of cultures, migration, and adaption but also the acknowledgment of our society’s history.